Reusing cans
Reusing cans

Reusing cans

I don’t love to reuse things today! You know well that I love that wall with pallet boxes in my room, right? Well, in addition to boxes, a super simple thing to reuse are cans, especially the pretty ones we sometimes get as gifts. Look at the ways to use them:



Photo 1 – Once Wednesday / Photo 2 – Pinterest

I find super vintage table arrangements in cans! It is very romantic and super delicate. Those who want can even paint over a simpler can, but these super decorated ones are charming!

vegetable garden


Photo 1 – House & Home / Photo 2 – We share ideas

Even cans of olive oil can get another version in the kitchen, you know? Just use your creativity when setting up your garden – I already gave you some tips here, remember?



Foto 1 – / Foto 2 – Recycling in the Environment

You can reuse the bottom of round cans as a super cute candle holder. Larger cans, which usually come in cosmetic products, can gain new use!



Photo 1 – View from the fridge / Photo 2 – Apartment for therapy

Even very simple cans can win a charm! The rounds in the first photo have become a beautiful holder (instructions are on the caption link)! Now, if you don’t want to change the original packaging too much, how about using some hooks and attaching them to the wall? It is a grace!
So, do you know where to put your cans?

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