Reverse Dieting This is how the insane diet works

Reverse Dieting This is how the insane diet works

A diet that really does what it says on the tin? Without the yo-yo effect and without massive starvation? The reverse diet is supposed to do that and it is even very easy.

The American Tricia Cunningham showed the way and lost an impressive 78 kilograms with the reverse diet. Although she had a correspondingly high initial weight, the pounds fell continuously over nine months. She has therefore successfully compiled and marketed her method in a book together with nutritionist Heidi Skolnik.

These are the basics of the diet:

There are three meals a day, of which the first in the morning is the richest and largest. This is followed by a medium-sized lunch and a very small dinner. Cunningham recommends fish and protein in the morning, vegetables for lunch and, for example, a bowl of oatmeal with fruit in the evening. This is how the name of the “reverse” diet came about: the reverse order of the food sequence.

In addition, sugar and alcohol, soda drinks and caffeine are banned, as are ready meals and even salt. In addition, there are two glasses of hot lemon and 10 glasses of water to be drunk per day. If you haven’t eaten at a meal, the leftovers can be eaten as snacks.


Doesn’t sound really new. A healthy diet, no ready-made meals, plenty of drinking and not filling your stomach before going to bed – all old hat. It just didn’t have such a beautiful name as “Reverse Dieting”. Since this diet is actually a change in diet and you don’t have to go hungry, the nasty yo-yo effect will not occur. So if you want to try the reverse menu and also observe the additional rules, you don’t need to be afraid of this “diet”. The main deciding factors for a weight loss should then be a healthier diet and avoiding sugar.

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