Rice test
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Rice test

I have always believed that food has the power to heal. Who has never heard a “don’t go to the kitchen in a bad mood because the food will not work!” grandmother or aunt, mother or cousin? Yes, this could be another classic sentence of common sense were it not for the fact that it was scientifically proven by Masaru Emoto, PhD in Alternative Medicine by Open International University. You may have seen the photos the Japanese took of the water molecules and how they looked after words of love, gratitude, hatred and bitterness. It is amazing how the crystals change their shape, from the most beautiful to the “dirty”, without shape and not healthy. It shows how strong our words are.
That story of going to the kitchen in a bad mood is very true and I believe a lot. Want to see? Take the test and prepare anything when you are not feeling well with life. Then, when tempers calm down – preferably on another day, right -, go back and make the same cake / cheese bread / tortinha / pie / pave / biscuit (Sorry, hungry time here.) And see how the result goes be different. It looks like magic, but it isn’t! All of this is the energy that you, willingly or not, pass on to food. And the easiest proof to visualize all of this is another experiment that Dr. Masaru Emoto did, with three pots of rice.
Every day, for a month, he placed three equal portions of rice dipped in water and treated each one differently. For the first, he bowed and said “Thank you”; for the second, he said “You are an idiot”; the third size of rice was ignored. After a month, it was possible to observe the change.
The first container had a slight fermentation, with a strong and pleasant aroma; the second handful of rice was completely dark, with a rotten appearance, and the last, eaten, was moldy. A young man decided to take the test, too, and made a video about the experience. The photo of the two rice pots is his, from the 27th day. He chose the phrases “I love you” and “I hate you”, which have basically the same intention as Dr. Masaru, and the results were very similar.
After I saw this news, I became even more aware of how I eat. Sometimes, the simple fact of chewing more calmly, feeling the food and thinking about the good it will do for you – be it a plate of rice, beans and potatoes, or a tasty sweet (which is good for the soul, right? Rs) – is enough for the energy to flow more. Cleaner, quieter, healthier.

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