Riding the tree

Riding the tree

Everyone is already set up for their Christmas decoration, right? November arrives, the shops are full of decorations, the streets are lit and the Christmas atmosphere is already prevalent everywhere.
Nothing better than starting to decorate your house by the tree! In addition to being the main “attraction”, the tree already influences the type of decoration you will have throughout the house. I always start with it and I decided to show you my favorite types for you to be inspired and, of course, tell what can not be missing in a good Christmas tree.



Photo 1 – Terre Magnum / Photo 2 – Where’s my hat?

The large, well-decorated trees and the look of the grandmother’s house are true classics. I think they are my favorites, but of course you can’t buy a huge tree if your house is small. Opt for medium and decorate with your favorite props.
The most classic colors are white, gold and red. I confess that I don’t have a favorite and I always end up mixing. The important thing here is, in addition to the basic accessories, leave it with your face. I love to buy ornaments on my travels and hang them up. Over the years, even when it’s time to assemble, that nostalgia hits and comes the memory of several moments!

Notable small


Photo 1 – Home Designing / Photo 2 – Eu Decoro

Another type of decoration that is winning me over are several small trees (even better if they are natural). They are cute and can be together in a corner of the room or scattered around the rooms of the house.
I prefer when their decoration follows a pattern, but feel free to decorate each one in your own way. They are great for those who live in a smaller house or have low ceilings!



Photo 1 – Just Decorate / Photo 2 – Decoration Findings

There are so many different tree options that it is difficult to select the ones I like best. I have already shown that I do not give up a tree of the most traditional style, both large and small.
I love the creative models to use in other environments, like in the bedroom! The wooden one looks great in an office or near the bedroom desk. Trees with dry branches can go to a coffee table, for example.

Essential ornaments


Photo 1 – Ali Express / Photo 2 – Make it, Love it

There are some classics in decorating the Christmas tree! Balls, pine cones and bow ties are certainly some of them. The coolest thing is that you can customize each one of them. The balls are the ones that are most present, but bet on the variation of sizes, textures and even colors (just be careful not to turn the decoration into a carnival).



Photo 1 – Bloguinhas Paradise / Photo 2 – Seasonal Love

Of course, the famous turn signals would not be left out of this selection! It is the lights that give all the charm to the Christmas decoration. I am really fascinated by them and I love decorating the whole house with lights.
The trees I like the most are white or yellow. It doesn’t matter the format: it has small balls, bigger flashes or even imitation snowflakes (lots of love)!
So, have you already set up your tree?

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