Right brushes to mark the look
Right brushes to mark the look

Right brushes to mark the look


Picture – Charlotte Tukbury

When we talk about makeup brushes, many questions always arise! What is the ideal brush to outline? And which one will be correct when blending? When applying eyeshadow, what is the best option?
Yes, there are many questions! What I can say is that each one has a specific function, but you don’t need more than 5 brushes to make that eye!


  1. Sponges are great for a quick make up! They are great when applying color on the eyelids. The only problem is that they are disposable, as they absorb color | Macrilan
  2. The pencil brush is ideal for marking the concave – that V in the outer corner of the eyes. The wires are very dense and this facilitates the application | Deilus
  3. The chamfer is multifunctional! It is amazing to fix small eyebrow flaws, but because it is tough it is great for applying shadows or eyeliner at the base of the lashes (upper and lower) | Prada
  4. This option is perfect for applying gel eyeliner. The very thin tip helps with precision! | Belliz
  5. To blend and illuminate this is the most suitable brush. The bristles are bulky and perfect for carrying out these two functions. | The boticario

Now it’s much easier to make up with the right brushes!

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