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Road Conditions | Southern Carretera

The 1,240 kilometers of Carretera Austral are not easy. Although much of the road has been paved in recent years, it is still essential to rent a 4 × 4 high car. At the time of rental, many will say that it is possible to travel with a lower car, but don’t fall for it! Many of the places we passed were full of gravel and holes.


It is even possible to ride with a normal car, but the road time is much longer. Dodging all the stones is impossible and, like it or not, some gravels end up hitting the underside of the car. Close to major cities like Puerto Montt and Chaitén the roads are in better condition.

Coyhaique, Aisen region, South Road (Carretera Austral),

Photo – Lonely Planet Brasil

The few and small detours we made from route 7 were the most dangerous. One of the narrowest places we passed was from La Junta to Raúl Marín Balmaceda.

Photo – Terra Adentro

As we showed in the first vlog that came out on the channel, the condition of our car was not the best – this is because we rented one of the highest models available. At the end of the trip (vlog here), even the steering wheel was hard.

Photo – Locanto

Despite everything, much of the charm of this trip is the way. Some roads that are not yet paved are in good condition and the scenery along the route is incredible. Rivers, glaciers, mountains, snow, thermal waters, forests… All of this is very worthwhile!
As everything brings benefits and harms, even the difficulty of access has good consequences. Well-preserved regions with few tourists are some of them ?

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