Rocking chair? More than that!

Rocking chair?  More than that!

Do you think a rocking chair is a very old piece of furniture, but you love the comfort and tranquility that this piece provides? How about, then, betting on a suspended version? The furniture gains a more modern and stripped footprint!

Picture – ShopStyle

It is quite common to find these pieces on balconies and outdoor areas, but let’s agree that we rarely think about using such a flashy chair to decorate an indoor environment. However, for a while now, I have seen many references from the so-called hanging chairs and they can integrate several environments in the house. Doubt?

External area


Photos – Serena & Lily, Walla Cesacks, Decorist and Digs Digs (clockwise)

I’ll start by talking about the classic use of this piece in the open space. The wicker, rattan and wood models are excellent options to remove the balcony from the obvious! For those who live in an apartment and do not intend to pierce the balcony ceiling or want to put a nice chair in the middle of the yard, there are also great furniture alternatives with good metal structures that support a lot of weight.

Stripped indoor environment


Photos – @dailydreamdecor, Balmain Vogue (Tumblr) and The Life Creative

The pieces of fabric and wicker can be part of the decoration of your living room. They instantly make the environment more fun and cozy, don’t you think? These models are very good for those who like a style more boho, cool and, of course, very young.

Bubble style


Photos – Bubble Chair Factory and Decor Pad

The effect of these bubbles on the decoration is very modern. Although they are not the most comfortable pieces in the world, they can work well in some different environments or even children’s rooms – can you imagine how fun it is?
The chair can also be made more comfortable with some pillows inside. Just use your creativity to integrate this piece full of personality in your decor ?

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