Rodeo – Sao Paulo

Rodeo - Sao Paulo

I’m in love with Restaurante Rodeio. The food is always delicious and fresh, the service is just right, neither more nor less, and the place could not be more pleasant and cozy. I really like the picanha for 2, sliced ​​very thin and passed the way you prefer, and goes very well with the rodeo rice. The cheese bread is always impeccable, it’s a shame that it is no better than my mother’s, but it wouldn’t even be possible either, she is from Minas Gerais and a handful of cooks, ? yet he is very, very good.
I never order dessert when I go there. It may seem strange, but there is never enough space, even if I try. But I always end with a mint tea, which comes with those coconut candies that I love, and a kind of sweet brown sugar with chocolate, very good too! The only thing I can’t understand there are these whole tomatoes, but I always see that there are people who like it hehehheh;). I COULD KILL FOR RODEIO, and you, too?
Rodeio is at 1498 Haddock Lobo Street.
PHOTOS: Danielle Noce – IG: nocedanielle

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