Romantic Recipes for the Day of Love

cinnamon rolls with ickfd pecan nuts 1

St. Valentine’s Day, better known as Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on February 14 in several countries around the world. As Dani said in her post (click here for tips on what to do on that special day), the date is not so popular here in Brazil. Even so, the idea is to spread the affection we feel for our friends, family or (mainly) girlfriends. It is common to give flowers and small gifts that symbolize this affection for the loved one.
I will update this post to cover a more general date, the Day of Love, according to Mustache. After all, I think everyone should feel loved on June 12th here in Brazil, right?
For me, it is in the warm and crunchy biscuit, in the well-filled cake and in the fluffy pancakes that we can spread happiness. Well, with food in general, right? In fact, with a specific type: comfort food. Here, I show you some delicious recipes, those that make you feel hugged and warm. Bonuses, are perfect to be made from the beginning with that loved one.
1. Cinnamon Rolls
cinnamon rolls with ickfd pecan nuts 1cinnamon rolls with pecan ickfd 3 nuts
2. Suzette pancake
yogurt pancake and orange cointreau ickfd 5yogurt pancake and orange cointreau ickfd 6
3. Brigadeiro de Leite Ninho with Nutella
milk brigadeiro nest with nutella 14milk brigadeiro nest with nutella 11
4. Oven s’more
ickfd oven smore chocolate marshmallow and biscuit 5ickfd oven smore chocolate marshmallow and biscuit 7
5. Homemade Nutella truffle
homemade nutella truffle ickfd dani noce 1homemade nutella truffle ickfd dani noce 10
6. Delicious cream with strawberries
delicious cream with strawberries 1delicious cream with strawberries 4
7. Chocolate cookies with marshmallow
chocolate cookies with marshmallow 4chocolate cookies with marshmallow 5
8. Chocolate churros
chocolate churros with dulce de leche 2
9. Vanilla cupcake with lemon curd
10. Pizza on flatbread (cut into the heart shape and win your love! <3)
11 – Chocolate Pie with Salted Caramel
12 – Bouquet of Cupcakes <3
Kisses and lots, lots of love for you!

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