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Room divider

Those who live in a loft or in a house / apartment with few walls know the challenge of dividing spaces harmoniously. You can even join some rooms without partitions – in fact, I’m crazy about integrated kitchens – but some other rooms are more difficult to integrate. The panel almost always appears as the ideal solution for this “little problem”, but there are so many model options that it is difficult to choose your favorite!

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Lacquer and wood panels are the most common, but nothing prevents you from trying something new! A glass or mirror plate, for example, makes the decor super modern and clean – great options for those who want something more minimalist.
I took a look at Pinterest and ended up finding dozens of unusual and very interesting solutions like a macaw with hanging plants and cobogós. Shelves and niches also appear in various versions and are excellent ideas for those who need to optimize space!

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I’m already thinking about dividing some environments in a different way, how about you?

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