Room inspiration: colorful and geometric

Room inspiration: colorful and geometric

Leaving the house colorful is super cute and fun, but the truth is that it is very afraid of making mistakes in the color composition. The lighter and pastel tones are perfect to give the touch of color without weighing the environment. My room even has many objects and even colorful chairs. Look at some beautiful environments for you to have as a reference:

Subtle touch


Picture – Brit Morin

Daring on the cushions and a more striking piece is always a good solution! In this case, the yellow armchair was not too heavy due to the neutral color of the other furniture and the wall. The objects at the bottom are also super colorful and beautiful, giving a touch of color to the sideboard.

Comic Books


Picture – casa casa

Did you notice that almost no furniture has a strong color? I loved the colorful pictures that gave life to the walls and, again, the pillows are versatile and super easy to combine – I even made a post!

Geometric rug


Photo – DigsDigs

In addition to the cushions and the armchair, another great idea is to bet on the rugs. The models with geometric prints leave the environment super modern and casual! In order not to weigh so much, opt for pieces that mix several shades of the same color (this blue, for example, was amazing)!

Many pillows


Photo – enter my attic

Geometric and colorful prints on the pillows always work! They cheer up the sofa and leave the house with a more urban and current footprint. You can bet without fear of geometric B&W or even those that mix primary colors – it looks very modern!

Colorful sofa


Photo – IDA Interior Lifestyle

A colorful sofa completely changes the house! It’s always better to use a pastel shade so it doesn’t look too flashy, but if you’re passionate about yellow, you can bet! The important thing is to find a harmony between the colors. This blue, for example, is very light and looks amazing with this geometric rug.
It all depends on your personal style. In this case, the rug would not look nice in a very romantic home and the sofa would not match a super minimalist and clean environment. The casual style is perfect for these unusual mixes.

Warm tones


Picture – Kim Timmerman

A good way to get the color palette right is to look for the “undertone” of each one. That is, you can enjoy an environment with warm or cold colors. The one in the photo is very hot, with yellows, oranges and burnt pink. A more urban decor, with burnt cement floors, for example, looks great with cool colors like blues, grays and black.



Photo – My Scandinavian home

Delicate prints and a subtle touch of color can transform the environment. The glass table could be super clean, but the touch of green made it more delicate. The same thing happens with pillows in very romantic pastels – they bring much more lightness to the decoration.

Pastel mix


Photo – Srah M. Dorsey Designs

A water green bookcase and a yellow chair can work! It all depends on the climate you intend to leave in the environment. In this room, everything is very light, but at the same time alive: the pillows, the comics, the carpet and all the objects. In addition, the two colorful furniture are very delicate – the hollow chair and the super simple bookcase without much detail.
Do you also like a very colorful decoration and full of modern prints?

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