Rooms with green

Rooms with green

How about leaving your room with a more tropicalist face? Plants have the power to transform the environment and leave it with much more life. Using and abusing plants in pendants and vases is sure to make your decor more interesting!

rooms-with-green-life-decoration-danielle-noce-0 Photo – Thomas Murphy

Composing larger plants with a more minimalist decor can be a good start. Bet on more rustic furniture and neutral colors to make the atmosphere more beachy ? Wood, lots of white and natural fibers are excellent options to give that clean touch.
There are thousands of references out there – mostly on Pinterest. If you, like me, love this type of decor, look at these inspiring rooms:

rooms-with-green-life-decoration-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Design Sponge, Topista, Apartmente Therapy, Fish Home Tumblr, Garance Doré and The Design Chaser

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