Root braid or root braid?

Root braid or root braid?

Root braids are the most successful, but lately several fashionistas are betting on another model: root braids! The hairstyle is simple, but gives a makeover in the production. The look is more modern and bold, do you want to see it?

lock-on-the-streak-root-style-beauty-hairstyle-danielle-noce-0 Photo – The Blonde Salad

The braid is done right at the root, but it can vary from the center of the head to the side! In addition, anyone who wants can bet on several small braids or just one. The finish can also be different: some looser and others stuck to the root.

lock-on-the-streak-root-style-beauty-hairstyle-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Pinterest, Virtue and Beauty, Pinterest, Getty Images, Extraordinary Beauty and RC Cabeleireiros Blog

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