Rose Quartz in decoration
Rose quartz in decoration

Rose Quartz in decoration

Elected by Pantone the color of 2016, quartz pink is a great option for the home. Walls, rugs, objects and even furniture in this tone give a charm to the decor. Not sure how to add the tone to the room? I selected 10 photos for you to be inspired and create an amazing decoration next year!

With copper


Photos about Casa Vogue

The tone is wonderful with copper! In addition to leaving the environment super modern, the metal breaks the lightness of pink and makes the decor much cleaner and not so romantic!

Unusual detail

Picture – Dtonetti Home

For those who are afraid to take chances, a great option is to bet on the colorful shelves. Even better if the rest of the environment is neutral and clear, the color jumps out and draws attention in the right measure!



Photo – Thyara Porto

This tone goes well with light fabrics. This goes for both fashion and decoration! A good alternative is to use the color on the curtain, which always makes the house more cozy!

With gray


Picture – The Design Chaser

I really like the mixture of pastel and gray tones – I have already spoken several times here on the vlog. How about mixing two trends? The gray sofa with the pink quartz leaves the atmosphere very modern! I loved this mix, especially with wooden tables and copper objects.



Picture – It Decor

The mix with black is more striking, but not less elegant! The decor is very urban and current, even more with graphic pieces (pillows or rugs) and more rustic furniture, such as this demolition wooden coffee table.



Picture – Dtonetti Home

The most beautiful and classic thing in this office! Despite being very rustic, the idea is a clean and sophisticated environment. The chair in this tone gives an up and touch of color necessary for decoration.

Modern lounge


Photo – Dolce Casa Studio

Even a cool working environment or room matches this color! Pink chairs and a white table make up very well and can work in different environments.



Picture – Nordic Design

For the more daring, invest in a colorful wall! In order not to get too over, compose with neutral pieces or other pastel colors.



Picture – Valentina’s House

A touch of color in a more serious environment changes completely! The decor is a little more feminine, but nothing exaggerated.

Very cool


Photos about Casa Vogue

For those who want a more shocking inspiration, use and abuse the tone with the copper! It is very current!

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