“Roseanne” star John Goodman Slimmed down! He doesn’t look like that anymore

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It’s unbelievable what the favorite dad of the eighties and nineties did there: John Goodman has lost a lot of weight. Gone are the days of the comfortable “Dan Conner”.

He is said to have weighed almost 180 kilograms before drawing the line: John Goodman (63) has lost weight. And really! At the “Trumbo” premiere in October, he already presented his clearly slender body. 45 kilos should have melted by then. The 1.88 meter tall actor not only looked fitter, but also younger. His secret? No more sugar and alcohol!

Now he was even narrower at the Oscars last weekend in Los Angeles. In addition, the beard is off. As “people.com” now speculates, there was no burger for Goodman at the fast food chain “In-n-Out Burger”. It is not known whether Goodman, whose film “Trumbo” was nominated for an Oscar (Bryan Cranston as best actor), had “Girl Scout Cookies”. Probably not, however.

But the former “Roseanne” star did not let the sugarless time spoil his mood. Grinning, he ran across the Los Angeles airport. Ok, the gray cargo pants might have been a bit tight around the stomach, but the pink shirt suited him all the better. A color that he would probably never have worn at 180 kilograms!

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In the video: “Roseanne” – We almost didn’t recognize “Dan Conner”!

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