Rosin’s fat fight “When the ice cream truck drives by, I’ll gain weight”: Frank Rosin on his weight loss show

Rosin's fat fight “When the ice cream truck drives by, I'll gain weight”: Frank Rosin on his weight loss show

Everyone wants to lose weight at the start of the new year – including Frank Rosin. Together with Sebastian Lege, the TV chef takes on the fight with the scales. Marians Welt spoke to him at the start of his new show “Rosins Fettkampf – Lecker slim mit Frank”.

Everything is more fun together – including losing weight. And if you can also win a competition, all the better! Frank Rosin’s new show “Rosins Fettkampf – Lecker Schlank mit Frank” is based on this concept. Here he competes against the chef and food expert Sebastian Lege. Everyone has a team of four overweight participants around them. Together they compete to see who can lose the most pounds. The professional chef spoke to Marians Welt about his weight loss process.

You want to lose weight – how did it come about?

I am 53 years old and I am overweight. The doctor accompanying the show then told me that I was obese. I just wasn’t in a good mood and wanted that to change.

Have you already felt any health effects?

The organs already react to it. I was also quite cumbersome, even though I do sports, etc. a. i play golf. But I was just 25 kilos overweight and you can tell that.

What diet did you go on during the show?

Each candidate was assigned a diet, I was on the low-fat diet. Since my wife is a vegetarian anyway and I founded my vegetarian grocery line “Green Rosin” some time ago, I currently don’t eat meat or sausage five days a week anyway. It wasn’t that difficult for me to do without it.

What sports did you play for the show?

I did cardio training and fitness exercises – everything from the boxing area, such as circuit training with various exercises without equipment. There was also boxing and classic fitness training.

How do cooking and losing weight fit together for you?

Diet does not necessarily mean that I lose weight until I reach my desired weight, but diet means that I cover my daily requirement and incorporate so many exercise units that I do not gain weight. Everyone thinks that if you’re a cook and constantly dealing with pleasure, you’re an immoderate eater and drinker – sometimes I am too, I admit (laughs). So the show is a godsend for me to discipline myself and lose weight at the same time.

Have you had any previous experience with dieting?

I always had to pay attention to my line because I am someone whose metabolism is not that ideal. When the ice cream truck drives past me, I’ve gained two kilos.

Do you already know how much you have lost?

I’m not allowed to reveal that yet, but I’ve lost a lot of weight.

Are you planning to continue with the change in diet?

I will continue to live like this. I currently eat twice a day; I have lunch very late and nothing after that. Of course there are exceptions, but then you have to compensate for this exception. I definitely want to stay like this.

“Rosins Fettkampf – Delicious slim with Frank” will be shown on Kabel 1 every Thursday at 8:15 pm.

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