Ruby Chocolate: What is it?

Ruby Chocolate: What is it?

Who there is already aware of the biggest news of the moment in the world of chocolate? For those who have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a recent discovery: natural pink chocolate! In addition to the beautiful and super different color, its flavor is fruity and more acidic. That is, quite different from the traditional ingredient that we are used to.
I imagine that many of you must be wondering how this is possible, so we will give the explanation. Launched in 2017 by
Callebaut, The ruby chocolate, as it was named, comes from a different type of cocoa – the Ruby cacao.

ruby chocolate

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This seed variety naturally has a reddish color, in addition to intense, fruity flavor with acid notes. And, if anyone is wondering, chocolate has at least 32.5% cocoa solids.
Another curious fact is that this natural product is found only in a few places in the world, three of which are Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast!
Oh, and because it’s so different, it’s even been considered a “
fourth type ”of chocolate, staying in the same group as milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.
In order for the flavor to be truly created, the researchers at Barry Callebaut and Jacobs University carried out a series of studies and improvements until reaching the final result. More sour and colorful, this chocolate promises to win the hearts of many people out there!
THE RB1 was officially launched in Brazil in January this year (2019). But, those who are chocoholic will most likely remember that Nestlé launched a special edition of
Kit Kat that already had this very special ingredient.

Ruby Chocolate: What is it?

Photo: Pop Sugar

And then, after 80 years of creating white chocolate, another different version of the candy! We are eager to see the impact of ruby ​​chocolate and also to know and taste other desserts prepared with it.
If anyone has experienced this wonder, leave a comment to let us know what you think ?


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