Run for the bacon 7 tips against belly fat that really help

Lose fat on your belly Is now the pill that will melt your belly fat?

Belly fat is considered to be the meanest fat for health, because it sends more signal substances than fat from other regions. So you can finally get the pounds under control!

Obesity is unhealthy and common in our culture. Belly fat contributes to heart attacks, high blood pressure and strokes to a greater extent than the fat on legs and arms because of the increased production of signaling substances – and this is only part of the ailments it can cause. Just how do you get rid of it? There are many myths about it after all. Here’s what really works:

1. Don’t leave the cheese on the left!

When fasting, many people unnecessarily avoid dairy products. Complete withdrawal is not a good idea, however, as it can cause the body to produce more fat cells. Our Solution: integrate lean cheese into the diet.

2. Lots of exercise

It doesn’t always have to be the full gym program. Much better: stay tuned and run regularly! Power walking, Nordic walking or jogging are great supporters when losing weight. And you will also get fitter and more enduring. Even scientific studies have proven that: 15 kilometers per week help the body to stop storing fat! Losing weight begins at 30 kilometers per week.


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3. Fat is allowed …

… but watch out for the right variety! Monounsaturated fats help the body lose weight. Come on the menu now Nuts, avocados and of course that which is irreplaceable for the Mediterranean diet olive oil.

4. Let the sun into your life!

If you don’t get enough sun, it’s harder to get rid of your belly fat. Vitamin D, which we can only absorb through sunlight, helps with metabolism. If we don’t have enough of it, the body starts to store more fat.

5. Reduce stress

This is not only good for the heart, but also for the stomach, because this is exactly where we like to put stress fat on. Organize your free time so that you enough rest get.

6. Fresh orange vegetables

Vegetables are healthy anyway, we know that. The colorings that give orange vegetables their appearance are particularly good for losing weight on the stomach. Carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and apricots should all be part of your belly diet.

7. Cardio and core training instead of pure abdominal muscle training

Just doing sit-ups is out. Instead, train holistically! Above all, endurance training is about fat. Core training is ideal for this, because the stomach and torso are considered here as the core of the body and every exercise relates to the middle! Your stomach is clearly challenged here and it will soon show its most beautiful side if you persevere!

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