Russell Crowe From Moppel to Gladiator: 24 kilos are gone!

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The Oscar winner had recently expanded quite a bit. But now he has fought his way back to his old form of weight.

The notorious yo-yo effect is good form in Hollywood. Because character actors like Christian Bale (43) give everything for the right role, starving themselves dozens of kilos in a very short time – regardless of whether that is healthy in the end. Russell Crowe (51) also falls into such an actor category.

The Oscar winner has not had a major hit in a while, he plans to celebrate his comeback in the summer with the action comedy “The Nice Guys”. At the side of Ryan Gosling (35) he can be seen there as a crazy professional killer. And for this bizarre performance, the Australian ate a lot of pounds. “I weighed 121.6 kilos in the first week of August. I also shot The Nice Guys during that time. And then I wanted to be exactly the opposite of Ryan Gosling, “the actor explains his (un) feel-good weight in a radio interview.

In the meantime, however, the power pack has (almost) returned to its old “gladiator” shape. Within seven months, Crowe starved himself to 150 pounds and looks like the heartthrob of yore again. The 51-year-old had a very similar ordeal over 16 years ago. At that time he had relieved himself by 18 kilos with a very special protein diet in order to become a “gladiator” shape. In the end, the stress was rewarded with an Oscar and a world success, maybe 2016 will also work out in a very similar way with “The Nice Guys”.

Sweating instead of starving!

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