Rustic Touch In Christmas Décor!
Rustic touch in christmas decor

Rustic Touch In Christmas Décor!

Christmas is getting closer and closer and concerns about decoration are only increasing. If you are still lost and have no idea how you will leave the house with a special face for the date, how about a modern and innovative decor?
To bring these two characteristics into your home environment, bet on more rustic elements that have a more rural feel. In addition to leaving the atmosphere incredible, it is a decor style that is not obvious and goes beyond the traditional.

Photo: Duni Cheri

If you liked the suggestion and want some inspiration on the topic, you can rest assured! I’ve done all the research work and selected the most incredible inspirations to compose this short list. I’m sure everyone in your house will love seeing rooms with very authentic decor ?


It may seem strange, but the classic marbles can also gain a new look. To be able to make this decorative object, you will only need to buy acrylic balls that can be opened, small plants, mini pine cones and whatever your imagination prefers.
In that case, the only job will be to open each ball to add the element that will make it different. If you find the pine cones very simple, for example, stylize them by placing glitter. Let your creativity flow and make the end result look like you.


Leaving the traditional candlesticks, how about placing the candle on top of bottles or jars? Making the arrangement even more delicate, add some plants or even mini pine cones inside the container, further increasing the Christmas atmosphere.
If you want to make these green items more prominent, use a string or ribbon to secure it to the outside of the pot. Both ideas are very simple to implement and anyone can do them at home!

Modern garlands

Impossible to talk about Christmas without mentioning the garlands, right? Tree branches, leaves and old Christmas trees can create a beautiful garland. This ornament can be made with wooden, iron or even arched wire.
Another way to surprise when assembling the garland is to leave the traditional circular shape. Some ideas are triangles, stars and hangers (yes, they can also turn into decoration!). In relation to these shapes, you can try to find them ready-made or do it the way you prefer at home just calmly mold the covered wire.


Photos: A piece of rainbow and a house and garden

Overall, a few ornaments can make all the difference. I imagine that every house has at least one case. So, nothing better than giving him a different face just adding some Christmas elements. Placing the vase in a brown cachepot is a great first step. Then, add pine cones, Christmas lights or some other detail of your choice.
Tree trunks or plant arrangements can also form a beautiful ornament. That old Christmas tree that is stored in some corner of the mess, for example, can be dismantled in order to give life to a new decoration item. What do you think of the idea?

To the table

One of the most important and emblematic parts of Christmas is definitely the supper. Therefore, the composition of the table also needs to be thought with great care so that it follows the same pattern as the decoration, so that everything is very harmonious.
With that in mind, bet on the little plants on the table, spread across the center and between the plates and platters. Wooden objects, such as dish supports, are great ways to bring that more rustic side, without leaving the delicacy.
Candle arrangements are also super welcome in this part of the decor. Ah, another very interesting item to be styled are the napkins! For the initial setting of the table, place a sprig of flower / plant or even cinnamon sticks on them, which bring the most earthy tone and refer to the wood.
I hope these suggestions have helped anyone looking for a different decor! If you want to have other ideas and also know where to find some more modern decor items, just click here ?

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