Rustic wedding – inspiring and romantic

Rustic wedding - inspiring and romantic

I’ll tell you something. I’m in love with the rustic wedding style. The keywords that characterize this theme are: wood, beige, grass, flower of the field, logs and natural light. All of this with a certain blasé air, which after all follows the definition of “rustic” – which comes from the countryside / simple / rough / without finishing.
But then you will look at the photos in the post and say “Marina, you’re kidding, right?”. So… is that the definition of rustic has changed a little lately. I explain. Now the rustic is beautiful and is on the irregular edges of the pie, the naked cake, the jars that would never be used had it not been for their charm with a nice juice and straw or even when they serve as a flower vase! In other words, the gourmetizing ray reached even the people from the countryside. And I can’t say that I didn’t like it. Because if it weren’t for the richness of the rustic, we wouldn’t have pictures like this:
Because let’s face it, who would have a wedding cake like that, on a log stand with pine cones and cedar branches if the party wasn’t in the country?
I loved it, but I loved it so much, that I separated other cakes in the same style for you to see; D
If you think about it, the cakes in this type of wedding are much more affordable than the ultra confectionery ever, right? After all, just hit him with a buttercream or meringue and use the spatula to level it. Ah, not to mention that you can choose the naked cakes, which do not even need icing. The decoration that makes these cakes stand out are the flowers. In this post here, I explained how to apply edible flowers when decorating. Take a look!
In addition to the cake, the rest of the decoration should follow the same theme. That goes for the place of the party, the invitations, the candy table and so on.
The bride’s hairstyle can enter the dance and bring even more romance to the event. The options are numerous, but for today I chose these two:
Flowery kisses!
photos: simplebites / magnolia rouge / ruffled blog / style me pretty / I love swmag ​​/ southern weddings / rustic wedding chic / couture fakery / rustic folk wedding / dear valentina

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