Saint Chocolat Brigadeiro Gourmet – Porto Alegre

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The brigadier has been around for some time, black guy, okay? – is no longer a simple sweet for a children’s party, and the news is not over. On an unpretentious walk through the bustling Rio Branco neighborhood, I discovered a novelty that stopped me: Saint Chocolat Brigadeiro Gourmet.
From the façade, one can already have an idea of ​​the whimsy and attention dedicated to sweets. Small and blue and beautifully decorated, the space, dedicated to the sale of brigadeiros, also houses a kitchen that is all cute and planned – and that, yes, is exposed to the eyes of the chocoholic clientele.
saintchocolat1 The ingredients, especially the chocolate Belgian, they are all lined up in delicate and transparent jars, so there is no doubt about the quality of the recipes Almonds, Paçoca and Milk were my choices and I confess that it was not easy, because the menu is huge!
saintchocolat3 saintchocolat4 Ah, besides the brigadeiros, the Saint Chocolat offers homemade muffins, brigadier candies and flavored waters that are a charm.
Saint Chocolat Brigadeiro Gourmet
Rua Dona Laura, 184 – Bairro Rio Branco (51) 3012.5900

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