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My French teacher, Thierry, loves to take classes in unusual places: walking through the streets of São Paulo, at the Mário de Andrade Library, or for example, at the Sal Gatronomia Restaurant. It was on a cloudy Friday afternoon that he took me, together with Paulo, there to chat in French and of course do what we like best: eating. Sal is located at Rua Minas Gerais, a little street that really serves as access for Dr. Arnaldo, she is so small. In addition, Sal shares space at number 350 with Galeria Vermelho, so you can eat at Sal and then digest it by seeing some very interesting (or not) works of art in the Gallery.
Sal was a pleasant surprise to me: I ate a sirloin cup with apple crumbs, roasted tomatoes and sautéed okra, which was delicious. Only the okra that despite being very good was not the same as my mother’s, after all my mother’s is unbeatable. ? And I tried the polenta with pesto that Thierry ordered and the burrata that Paulo ate; all two entrances were divine. The decor of the place is also beautiful, superclean and modern, and the flowers of the field in the pots give a very cozy and charming touch. For dessert I ordered a broken green apple pie with English cream to the cardamom, which to be honest was good, but not delicious. I think I already said here how much I am addicted to cardamom, and unfortunately for me, the English cream didn’t even smell or taste like cardamom: / So I ended up eating half of Paulo’s dessert, which was a brigadeiro with chestnut- pará, paçoca ice cream and chocolate sauce, which was just perfect !!! To sum up, it was a very good experience and I’m dying to return, especially now that summer has started and I will be able to make better use of that open space and the paçoca ice cream.
Sal Gastronomia is located at Rua Minas Gerais, 350.
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