Sale!  Special selection so you don't lose control at Anthropologie
Sale special selection so you dont lose control at anthropologie

Sale! Special selection so you don’t lose control at Anthropologie

As I said in the previous post, Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores in the world and where I buy many of the objects that you see in the video productions.
Of course I stopped by the store when I was in LA, but a lot of the shopping I do in it is through their online store and delivery takes a little while, but the important thing is that it arrives ?
So I made a selection of some amazing products that are on sale in their online store so that you can also enjoy the beautiful things they have!
For you to stay in bed very warm this winter, two beautiful quilts to live on:
1 Menai Coverlet
2 Nomad quilt
34156224_095_b 34143578_014_b
For you to decorate your bed or your sofa with beautiful pillows with your initials or with words to brighten your day:
1 Embroidered monogram pillow
2 Merry Sentiments Cushion
33376492_901_a 33377425_030_b14
Continuing in the decoration of the house or to leave your room with a delicious smell, have these candles in the shape of pineapple, pear or pomegranate. Pineapples are super hot in the USA and everything hipster looks like they are made in the shape of a pineapple, but they are still very cute. Now the pear shape is MA-RA!
1 Sparkling Isla Candle
34261768_070_b 34261768_070_b4
Now let’s go to the part I like most: the kitchen! Beautiful things for you to change her face for the better:
1 Side Plate Lines
2 Hidden Atoll Cutlery | These measuring spoons and the shape I couldn’t resist and bought on the trip!
A34146159_060_b 34252338_095_b11
3) Cozy dish towels
4 Festive stripes dish towels | OPS! I just bought it; D
33735580_095_b 33889452_080_b
5) Loches Serving Set
6 Twisted branch measuring spoons
34444695_014_b 33521006_027_b14
7) Dinner Napkins
8) Poppy roll roll
32582447_010_b 25972571_089_b
9 Farmstead Linen Table Runner
10) Marble pedestals
32303406_045_b 30878367_014_b
There are also some accessories that can make a difference in your wardrobe:
1. The headphone that everyone wants! Headphones with leather case

2. And covers to measure it! Interchangeable enamel earplugs

32345258_010_b 34721076_011_a

3) Ruby Ruby Earrings

4 Sparkling Ilona Bag

35014976_060_b 34148726_066_b

5) Buttero Shearling Lace-Ups | I always wanted one of these, but with the dollar high, even the promotion will not roll!

6 Scallop Ridge Socks | Already these, all right; D

33725607_001_b 33402140_055_b

Two beautiful dresses! One simpler for everyday life and the other impeccable for a cocktail.

1 Noronha wrap dress

2 Snowfall Dress

4130084328006_009_b 4130262522109_009_b

And finally, two beautiful and super charming items, but that are only worthwhile if you are going to use them for real.

1 Stand-up paddleboard limited edition, Kai Po’i

2 Woodcut Month and Day Calendar

G26523498_004_b 34046714_095_b

Did you like the selection? Do you want to see others around here? So just comment here for me. Kisses

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