Sandal with sock?  Yes you can!
Sandal with sock yes you can

Sandal with sock? Yes you can!

It was just me posting my look with sandals and socks on instagram that that “controversy” has already arisen. Even if you are not the biggest fan of the combination, you cannot deny that this is a strong trend. In addition to increasing the possibilities of using open shoes also on cold days, this is a combination that brings personality and style to the production.
For using it, you must already know my opinion, right? I really love this combo! Of course, the sock needs to be more tidy and a fabric more cool – this one, for example, is made of transparent tulle with white stripes. I like different socks so much that I already made a post about it here on the site ?

Anyway, as this combination became the highlight of the look, I decided to take the other pieces lighter. I took advantage of the white sock to put together a practically monochromatic production!
Both the knitting and the skirt were in tone, but I decided to make an overlay that I love with the blue shirt closed under the sweater. As the top became more closed, I think the shorter skirt worked well and, of course, did not fight with the more “daring” shoes.

So, would you use this combination or still be on the back foot? To start with, I think it’s easier to use the shoes and socks of the same color. After you use it the first time you will see how your shoe rack will gain many other possibilities ?
Shirt | Muji
Knitting 21 forever
American Apparel Skirt
Earring | Vintage
Sandal | Luiza Barcelos
Sock | Calzedonia


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