Sanity is crazy
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Sanity is crazy

It was a hot, dry, gray day. It had been a silly morning, in pajamas and ramela in the eye. Consequence of a dawn of insomnia, reading and afflictions. It had not been a good day and there was no reason to fix her hair. But he had already been in bed all morning and now it was time for lunch, time to comb his hair and do what should be done.
Giovana couldn’t understand how she could be what didn’t seem genuine, but she had to wake up and eat. Pursuing in bed, he preferred to get up in one leap. She felt dizzy, weak but rebuked herself saying: “Giovana, be as drastic as life. Raise!” Sanity is crazy. It was time to eat, but she couldn’t.
He was unable to eat the egg produced in an industrial way, the result of a genetic manipulation of the chickens that were, in turn, hatched in incubators and huddled in pavilions, suffering a short miserable life. He read about pigs, cattle, and he also had no way of being negligent of the tormenting reality of their prohibitive lives or the nightmare of slaughterhouses that resonated in his head.
She could no longer eat animals and none of their derivatives. It did so for a long time. He started to dive into the world of vegetables. She was confused. Pesticides, pesticides, pesticides, biocides, disinfectants, agrochemicals and many other substances responsible for killing insects, fungi, bacteria, molluscs, rodents. At this point, it was already questioned whether the reality of the livestock industry was very different from that of agriculture.
Between hormones, pesticides, genetically modified foods and the industry deliberately coloring and preserving everything, Giovana was unable to eat. Caught. He became fragile and sicker every day. He tried to plant, harvest, but the reality of the city in which he lived was different. It was a metropolis and Giovana needed to survive in every way. It was epic. It was against natural law. She would rather die than kill. Sanity is really crazy.
sanity-madness-ickfd-edmeephoto: Edmée

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