Sarah Stage This is what "Sixpack Mum" looks like after the birth!
Sarah stage this is what sixpack mum looks like after

Sarah Stage This is what “Sixpack Mum” looks like after the birth!

Incredible! Less than a week after the birth, “Sixpack-Mum” lives up to her title and shows her incredible after-baby body on Instagram.

It showed up a day before the birth Sarah Stage (30) in sexy lingerie on Instagram. Of a Baby bump was with the model too hardly a trace in the ninth month. No wonder, then, that the 30 year old’s media won the title “Sixpack Mum” awarded. And the American makes this name after the Birth of son James Hunter on April 14th all honor.

Washboard abs four days after giving birth

Their sweet offspring already showed the new mom on Instagram, now she presented it first picture her after-baby bodysuits – and it’s just as incredible: with steel washboard stomach she poses in front of the mirror and proudly explains about the Instagram photo: “Four days after giving birth. I had gained 12.7 kilos in total during my pregnancy. I can do it hardly wait with mine again in five days Begin workouts. “

The only question is, what else does she want to train away ?!

In the video: Mila Kunis is also back in top form after giving birth

What an after-baby bodysuit!

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