Sarah Wiener “The main thing is a lot and cheap”

Sarah Wiener "The main thing is a lot and cheap"

You can find it on almost every street corner and at every train station: the bakery! Now someone who knows their way is unpacking against these chains.

As a cook and entrepreneur in the catering sector, Sarah Wiener (53) knows a lot about food. In an interview with Focus, however, she really unpacked. And against bakery shops.

In every German city, on almost every other corner, you can find one: a bakery with mass-produced goods. A thorn in the side for Viennese. Especially considering the fact that by no means “healthy” bread is sold there. “Today’s baking mixes always contain the same thing: globally traded wheat, sometimes with sunflower seeds from Asia, sometimes poppy seeds, sometimes sesame,” says the expert. She runs the wood-fired oven bakery “Wiener Brot” in Berlin. Everything is handmade and guaranteed no baking mixes.

She also says that bread used to taste differently from region to region. Today everything is the same. “With the invention of the bread roll machine in the 1970s, we almost lost our knowledge of artisanal bread,” said Wiener. In the meantime, a generation has grown up that only knows industrial bread. With fatal consequences, says Wiener: “We have forgotten to listen to our body and no longer know what is good for it.” True words from a woman who knows her way around.

You can read the entire interview in the current issue of Focus 19/2016

Divorce for Sarah Wiener!

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