Save on your holiday!

Save on your holiday!

I know we’re still in July, but it’s past time for you to plan your New Year’s Eve trip, you know? How to save is something everyone always wants and the prices of the main destinations at the end of the year are always inflated, it is worthwhile to start researching more about the December trip ?

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This post is to help those who are lost and do not even know where to start planning and save costs ? Tips on destinations, cheap tickets and accommodation abound!

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You don’t have to spend New Year’s Eve in New York, see? For those who want to make a cheaper trip, the cost of the ticket makes all the difference. Look for alternatives to go by car or bus if applicable.
Want an international trip? Argentina, Uruguay and Chile are excellent alternatives and, oddly enough, sometimes it is cheaper than traveling abroad! If you live in the south or southeast, for example, it is possible that the trip to Argentina is much more affordable than to the northeast.
Of course, the choice of your destination will also depend on where you live, but I will list some cool Brazilian cities that are worth taking a look at: Florianópolis (SC), Ilha Grande (RJ), Ilhabela (SP), Belém ( PA)… I’m sure that talking to family and friends you can also discover other good, beautiful and cheap places ?



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If you are really looking for a more remote location and really need a plane ticket, there are some apps and websites that can help you save money. Voopter, Skyscanner and Kayak are excellent options and I already made a post last year with several tips on the subject – just click here to learn more.
The flexibility of dates is also super important at this time. Sometimes coming back a day later or leaving the day before the price drops absurdly. As there is still a little time for December, it is worth trying to negotiate the dates at the company you work for, see?



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Do you really need to stay in a hotel? The price of accommodation is hyper-inflated at the end of the year and, for this reason, it is very worthwhile to look for more accommodation options at your destination. Hostels, house rentals, apartments or even rooms can be great alternatives!
As many of you already know, Paulo and I are very much in favor of rented places. If you are traveling with a large group this tip is even cooler, because renting a house is much cheaper than paying for several hotel rooms. I also already wrote a post here on the blog about the advantages and disadvantages of staying in hotels or rented houses (read here).
In addition, those who choose to stay in rented places have the convenience of being able to cook there. As much as in a hotel you have breakfast included, lunch and dinner are up to you, right? Saving on food will greatly reduce the total cost of your trip!

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