Save space in the box!

Save space in the box!

Optimizing space is a desire of most people at home. Bathrooms are places where, most of the time, we need to use creativity to accommodate all products – especially in the stall.
Shampoos, conditioners, creams, soaps, scrubs, bath moisturizers … All of this is usually crammed into a small shelf and, whether you like it or not, it ends up being kind of boring to drop various products with each bath, isn’t it?

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For those who do not have much space inside the box, but want to accommodate the products in the best way, it is worth paying attention to these tips!

Embedded tracks and niches


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This is definitely the best tip. The strips and niches embedded in the wall save a lot of space in the box and make the decor more clean and very beautiful. For those who enjoy a minimalist style, put the same coating inside and outside the niche. Now, if you love a mix of colors and textures, you can play with the tiles a lot (I loved the last reference).

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