Saving hair in summer

Saving hair in summer

Anyone who travels to the beach in the summer knows well that their hair suffers a lot at this time of year. In addition to the wires becoming more dry because of the sun, the moisture makes the frizz even more apparent. But no despair, the dry aspect can improve a lot with some care.

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Using an appropriate sunscreen for the hair helps a lot to maintain the health of the hair. Blond hair with some type of dye tends to be more faded in the sun, especially when we go into the pool or the sea a lot.
It is essential to use sun protection so that the cuticles of the threads are not so open and fragile. Scarves, hats and caps are also important for those who will spend the whole day exposed to the sun – and let’s agree that they still help to compose a look, haha ​​?
Another important point is to take at least one hydration mask to your destination. Choose the cream with the greatest reconstruction power, the one that works best for your hair. That way, you avoid future damage and already keep the hair healthy.

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