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Scale – an indispensable item in the kitchen

“Dani, speak the ingredients in cups / spoons please! In grams it is very difficult! ” – If you have said that phrase even if mentally, welcome to the team. But wait! This suffering request, confused between uncertain measures of flour, sugar or cocoa, must end here and now. Sorry, but it’s true. You have to weigh and weigh correctly to make sure that the recipe will be a total success there in your kitchen. In fact, she even recorded a video in the early days of Bigode Na Cozinha about measuring or not measuring. It is worth checking:

And let’s get to the facts: which scale is the best?
The old analog ones, from those of the 60s grocery store and beautiful to decorate the kitchen with a vintage touch, are, in fact, a little chutzpah. But it’s that story, right. How are we going to know if that heavy, weathered scale (the older, the cuter, I know) is well regulated? Unfortunately, the way is to keep it as a souvenir or leave it exposed on the kitchen shelf, pretty and retired there. I was taking a look at these old ones and I found this one, older than Dercy! (And cuter too … heheh)
vintage-scale-breakfastbytheseasource: Breakfast by the sea
This, then, is a love:
antique-bonastylephoto: Bonastyle
Okay, seriously now. Which digital scale to buy? Dani commented at the Exhando do Forno 25 about her favorites. So, I put a list below with a variety of models and their respective technical data. That way, you analyze, weigh the pros and cons and buy yours! It is worth making it clear that not always the most affordable price will reflect on such a good product, right? And if you already have a digital scale that is not one of these and want to indicate it to us, leave it in the comments! The idea is to share knowledge (:
Ah, here’s Dani’s video. If you want to go straight to the discussion about the scales, click on minute 12; D

To technical data, then:
White / Black Electrolux Scale

  • Average price: R $ 116.00
  • Weight units: g, ml, fl.oz, lb: oz.
  • Tempered glass
  • Capacity up to 5,250kg
  • net weight: 460g
  • 12 months warranty

digital-white-electrolux scale
Electrolux Stainless Steel Scale

  • R $ 179.00
  • Capacity up to 5,250kg
  • net weight: 610g
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Weight units: g, ml, fl.oz, lb: oz.
  • 12 months warranty

Tramontina Scale

  • Average price: R $ 254.00
  • Capacity: 5 Kg
  • Net Weight: 490g.
  • Finish: Frosted Stainless Steel
  • Performs measurements in milliliters, grams, ounces and pounds
  • 4 high-precision sensors
  • 12 months warranty


Plenna Scale

  • Average price: R $ 134.00
  • Tempered glass tray
  • Capacity: 5kg
  • Net weight: 474g

Cadence Scale

  • Average price: R $ 71.70
  • Tempered glass tray
  • Capacity: 5kg
  • Net weight: 450g
  • Warranty 3 months

digital-cadence scale
Geom scale

  • Average price: R $ 67.41
  • Capacity: 3kg
  • Net weight: 250g
  • 3 month warranty


Kisses and until the next post; D
top photo: Rustic Meets Vintage

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