Scientifically Proven This is why your work may prevent you from losing weight

Scientifically Proven This is why your work may prevent you from losing weight

Have you ever paid attention to your eating habits at work? If not, you should perhaps do so in the future, because: According to a study, what you eat in the canteen or in between at work can have an impact on ensuring that you do not lose weight or even gain weight.

Who didn’t suspect it: No matter how delicious the cakes your colleagues brought with them are, they are not necessarily good for your weight. A birthday with breakfast, the schnitzel with french fries from the canteen or the little treats at the desk – they are all a blessing and a curse at the same time. A recent study now shows that your eating decisions at work can determine whether you lose weight or even gain weight.

Of course, it isn’t a single muffin to blame if your favorite pants no longer fit – the amount and frequency make all the difference. A recent study published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) aims to shed light on the relationship between what you eat at work and your body weight and overall health.

WHO figures shock: almost 5,000 people die in Europe because of food!

Every 10 people sick from food

WHO numbers shock
Almost 5,000 people die in Europe because of food

Every minute, 44 people in Europe get sick from food, or more than 23 million people a year. It is estimated that 4,700 of them die from it. The World Health Organization released these frightening figures on the first UN World Food Day, which took place on June 7th – and they are only the tip of the iceberg.

The study

The participants in the investigation were 602 hospital employees. All women and men ate regularly in the canteen and participated in a health study from 2016 to 2018. The food offered was divided into a traffic light system: green for healthy food, yellow for less healthy meals and red for the unhealthy variants.

Employees who opted for the most unhealthy meals would also have lost the least weight and were at increased risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. The opposite is the case for participants who eat healthy food.

With their investigations, the researchers want to find out for the first time how meals at work are related to eating in leisure time: If, after the study, you often reach for unhealthy food in the canteen, you eat unhealthily outside of your work and therefore do not eat it from. After all, keep in mind that most people spend half of their waking hours at work – enough time to get used to an unhealthy diet.

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