Scientifically proven This woman has the perfect body – and this is what she looks like

Scientifically proven This woman has the perfect body - and this is what she looks like

The perfect body, it really exists! The University of Texas has determined that this woman is the perfect size. And best of all: it is curvy, feminine and natural!

The woman with the perfect body

In times of rickety catwalk models, perfectly tempered “Victoria’s Secret” angels and size-zero beauties, scientists at the University of Texas have mathematically calculated the dimensions of the perfect body. The results show that the waist measurement should be three quarters of the chest measurement. Your hips should be 1/3 larger than your waistline. And indeed there is the woman with the perfect body: Kelly Brook, a 38-year-old model from England.

Feminine, curvy, Kelly

According to the researchers, Kelly is just the right height for a woman at 1.68 m. Her 93 cm chest, 63 cm waist and 91 cm hips are ideally proportioned. Theoretically, with these dimensions, she is considered a plus size because her clothing size is definitely above zero. Her curves have a lot more in common with the beauties Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida from the fifties and sixties than with the current supermodels and their perfect bodies.

Holistically beautiful

Kelly is not only a beautiful woman with a perfect body, we also really like her. The actress obviously enjoys her life: on her Instagram account, she regularly posts photos from her life, but also from her delicious meals and her hobbies and travel.

Despite the growing popularity of curvy and beautiful bodies, the rattle frame model can still be found on almost every catwalk to this day. Yet: Women like Kelly Brook prove once again that these times must be a thing of the past and the perfect body doesn’t have to be slim and slim to be pretty.

Woman with curves

Well countered!
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