Scientists Are Researching This is the mistake you can’t make with fat in your diet

Scientists Are Researching This is the mistake you can't make with fat in your diet

Those who want to lose weight usually do without. Sometimes the amount of food is reduced, sometimes fat or carbohydrates are omitted. Researchers from Harvard now explain: Especially when it comes to fat, the crowd doesn’t play first fiddle. Quality is the key to success.

E.A healthy diet cannot be defined in terms of quantity alone, not even for those who want to lose weight. This is confirmed by a study by Harvard University, quoted from “Focus Online”. Determining the optimal amount for the absorption of nutrients is just as impossible with fats as with carbohydrates or proteins. On the one hand, the individual processing of the substances plays too big a role, on the other hand, fat is not just fat.

Not all fat is the same? But what are the differences?

Fat Fatty Acids Slimming

Healthy eating
Good Fat, Bad Fat – What’s the Difference?

Fat makes you fat, makes you sick and it is best to avoid it altogether. Not correct! Because there are actually fats that are absolutely essential for human life. We’ll tell you what is important.

Rejection of foods with a weight loss guarantee

Ludwig David from Harvard Medical School in Boston puts it out loud with regard to popular diets such as low-fat or low-carb: “There is no specific ratio of fats to carbohydrates that is best for everyone.”

Despite the large number of studies available, it is not possible to deduce which diets or foods are the best for losing weight. An absolute statement like: “These foods make you slim” ultimately have no validity.

Reduce body fat: With these 3 tips you will lose weight and improve your health

Reduce body fat: With these 3 tips you will lose weight and improve your health

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USA: Obesity despite fat reduction

As proof that even simply avoiding fat is by no means a solution, the article names the development in the USA. Here, the fat content in the diet has decreased by a whopping eight percent over the past 50 years, but the problems could not be solved. Obesity and the associated diseases such as diabetes are still on the rise.

Lose weight, but please without a diet!

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Intermittent fasting
Lose weight according to a plan and without a diet – it works!

Lose weight without a diet? Intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight by skipping individual meals.

Vegetable fats preferred

However, the experts, including the German Nutrition Society, advise paying attention to the quality of the fats – and at the same time keeping an eye on the total amount of energy supplied via fats and carbohydrates. Industrially produced trans fats – i.e. hydrogenated fats such as those in margarine – should be avoided as far as possible.

If diet, then “Mediterranean diet”

Harvard University’s recommendation goes in a clear direction that goes perfectly with summer: with lots of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables, with fish and, far less often, only with meat. Vegetable oils such as olive or linseed oil can then also be on the menu.

If you summarize these products, your thoughts are already traveling to the Mediterranean – and it is the so-called “Mediterranean diet” that the US scientists from the greater Boston area prefer.

In a large-scale study with around 1,000 overweight and obese test subjects, those who had a “Mediterranean diet” were able to lose the most weight over the course of a year. Compared to the participants who either largely avoided fat (low fat) or carbohydrates (low carb), they lost much more weight. More than just a side effect: the heart attack risk has also been reduced by 30 percent.

The choice is yours: An overview of popular diet forms

Woman measures waist circumference

An overview of losing weight
What’s the best diet for me?

I’m on a diet, the pounds have to be dropped! Whether it is the resolution for the New Year or simply the desire for the summer dream figure … There are as many reasons for fasting as diets themselves. Marians Welt has put the most popular diets to the test.

Butter with the fish? Not exactly!

The researchers derive clear recommendations for the healthy use of fats: They advise avoiding butter and margarine, which can easily be replaced with olive or soybean oil. Poultry, but especially fish – preferably two or three times a week – should replace the beef steaks. With a freshly caught sea bream or a sea bass from the grill, that certainly does not mean doing without.

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