Sconces to Remove the Obvious Illumination
Sconces to remove the obvious illumination

Sconces to Remove the Obvious Illumination

Anyone who has been following the blog for a while should already know that I love indirect lighting. However, oddly enough, I had never made a post to talk specifically about sconces.
For those who have never heard this term or do not know what it is about, sconces are nothing more than fixtures fixed to the wall.

Photo: Vintage Industrial Style

They are extremely versatile pieces and still save space on the countertops. A small desk or a small nightstand, for example, can be freer without table lamps ?
Not to mention that the pieces are super charming and, currently, there are alternatives for all tastes, pockets and environments! Rooms, offices, bedrooms, kitchens … There is always space available for installing a beautiful sconce.


Photos: Flickr JeanDavid1000 and Eles

There is nothing better than an articulated wall light for a reading or work corner. In addition to the industrial footprint that I love in these models, the possibility of lighting a specific space is great for those who usually work or read at night, but do not want to disturb anyone with an intense light.


Do you have a more unpretentious style of decoration? Pendant style sconces are excellent options! A simple pendant wrapped in a French hand or on a hook attached to the wall is more than enough to create a cool space.


But if you think that the sconces are very striking pieces for a room, you can invest in the minimalist versions, which are even very high.
Concrete models, simple lamp holders, small “spotlights”… There is no shortage of options!


Photos: Princess Pinky Girl and Etsy

I had already mentioned the industrial aesthetics of articulated models, but I could not help talking specifically about this type of part. Metallic sconces in matte black or those that imitate pipes are perfect to complement a corner in this style.
Take the opportunity to put yellow lamps and make the environment a little more welcoming ?


As this is a piece widely used today, there are very different models to bring more charm to the decor. Leather, wood, rough stones, metallized … All of this brings even more personality to the pieces.


Sconces can also function simply as adornments on the walls. Sometimes, the design of the piece is so incredible that its “illuminating” function is even in the background, right?


You must be wondering where to find so many amazing pieces, right? Decoration stores in general and specialized in lighting always offer many options, but of course I would not fail to make a selection of beautiful models here! I hope you like it as much as I do ?

1- Quintana Preta Wall Sconce at Oppa – R $ 263.90
2- Copper Industrial Sconce at Casa Mind – R $ 349.00
3- French Geometric Hand Lamp in the House that Has – R $ 315.00
4- Wall lamp 2 Stella Concrete beams at Americanas – R $ 260.00
5- Steel Articulated Sconce at Mobly – R $ 519.50
6- Retro Wall Sconce at Mobly – R $ 71.84
7- Modit Industrial sconce at Americanas – R $ 184.90
8- Retro Copper Ball Sconce at Americanas – R $ 99.70
9- Copper Stove Sconce at Americanas – R $ 244.90
10- White Sconce Round Wall Plant in Americanas – R $ 130.39

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