Screenplay: New Zealand

Screenplay: New Zealand

Paulo and I always had the dream of knowing New Zealand. In 2017, we finally managed to get this plan off the ground! In addition to visiting Auckland, which is one of the best known cities in the country, we did a travel unforgettable experience in other regions, Wanaka and Christchurch.
As always, we share every detail of our trip in the vlogs that are available on the channel. We also put all of our stopping points on My Maps. That way, you can better visualize our full New Zealand tour! And, to make your life easier, we divide everything by colors and icons ?
Yellow: Restaurants, cafes and markets
Black: Hotel
Grey: Motorhome Camps

Purple: Stores

Orange: Tourist spots (churches, parks, lakes, buildings…)
Green: Trails
Blue: Beaches and boat trips
Screenplay: New Zealand
By clicking over the name of each location, you will have a brief account of our experience. It is interesting to read each one of them to find out what our perceptions were. I’m sure the tips can help people who plan to tour the country!
Screenplay: New Zealand

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