Scrunchies: Xuxinha de Cabelo is back

Scrunchies: Xuxinha de Cabelo is back

You may never have heard of the term scrunchie, but you definitely know what it is and most likely have used several in childhood or adolescence in the 80s and 90s! Well, this accessory is nothing more than that famous bulky little hair covered with fabric tecido
Although it was a big fever, from the 2000s this piece was well forgotten and even devalued. I confess it took me a while to believe that the cups were coming back and I was even kind of reticent, because let’s agree that it really draws attention.

Scrunchies: Xuxinha de Cabelo is back

Photo: Free People

Despite having a more impactful look, scrunchies have several advantages. The first is that they do not break the hair, after all, the coating doesn’t only have an aesthetic function, right? The second is that you can make several versions yourself at home by covering hair bands with scraps and even selling some pieces. The third advantage is that it is much more difficult to lose the accessory around, haha ​​?
As if these arguments were not enough to convince you to give the accessory a try, know that they can be of all sizes, colors, prints and fabrics. In fact, the variety of textures is what I like the most: satin, velvet, cotton, crochet, sequins, with or without applications… It really is a world of possibilities!


A tidy ponytail or a high bun is much more interesting with the accessory, right? Even those with a more basic style can use scrunchies to finish off these more classic hairstyles. Smooth and more sober tones are always more discreet ?


In my view, this is the easiest way to use the piece, after all, the accessory itself already has this more casual and funky feel. A messy bun, a loose ponytail and a half-tied hairstyle are excellent inspirations for using the most colorful, printed and striking cups!


Those who have thinner hair know how difficult it is to find a rubber band that gives support when exercising! Very voluminous and textured scrunchies can be excellent allies at this time – not to mention that they make the production of the gym more interesting without being over ?


Scrunchies: Xuxinha de Cabelo is back

Photos: Elle Bazaar and Harpers

Incredible as it may seem, the voluminous xuxinha can, yes, compose a more elegant party look. Of course, the single color models with a more classic texture work better and are even more harmonious with more structured hairstyles and without much volume!


Now let’s get down to business? Of course, I made a selection of what I found most incredible and maybe I’ll use this icon from the 80s and 90s again, huh?
Scrunchies: Xuxinha de Cabelo is back
1- Sequin Scrunchie at Renner – R $ 25.90
2- AMARO Vichy Hair Band – R $ 9.90
3- Scrunchie with Fake Pearl Application at Renner – R $ 19.90
4- Xuxinhas with Lacinho da Mimo Vc in Elo7 – R $ 8.00

5- Velvet Scrunchie at Renner – R $ 19.90

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