Seasoning Pots

Seasoning Pots

When I have to store my spices and condiments I always think of the practicality to find them. Glass jars are certainly one of my favorite ways to organize them!

potinhos-de-spice-cuisine-danielle-noce-3 Picture – Frenchy Fancy

In addition to facilitating the visualization, the transparent pots help to make the decoration cleaner. You can also write with a permanent pen in a cute way, it looks amazing!

potinhos-de-spice-cuisine-danielle-noce-2 Photo – Luxury Noivinhas

The most basic jars can come to life with a spray paint! Buy the simplest ones you can find, paint them and then paste signs with the name of each food. The effect is super delicate!

potinhos-de-spice-cuisine-danielle-noce-4 Photo – Revista Casa e Jardim

You know how I love more rustic baskets and boxes, don’t you? I found this idea super cool and different. That way, with a few pieces of wood, you can adapt an old drawer and assemble a structure for all your condiments.
Anyone who likes personalization can make niches of different sizes, already thinking about how to put the jars: some standing, others lying down, ornaments … There is a lot of amazing things to do in a box like this!

potinhos-de-spice-cuisine-danielle-noce-5 Picture – BuzzFeed

Those who have little space do not need to give up the charm. These tiny pots are super cute and will surely make your silverware more beautiful!

potinhos-de-spice-cuisine-danielle-noce-1 Photo – Architects

Is there a wall left over? Who has enough space and / or is passionate about spices can bet on a corner just for that! The slate-style wall is always very welcome in kitchens, as well as closed shelves at the front – great for those who are a little clumsy and may end up dropping some pots.

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