Seattle script!
Seattle script

Seattle script!

As always it was time to share my complete itinerary of the Seattle trip. The vlogs are over, but now the script I made on My Maps will help you to plan everything!
To see everything we did in Seattle and Friday Harbor, just click here ?
Color division helps a lot with visualization. Each of the colors represents a type of place: restaurants, parks, shops, hotels …

  • Red | Markets, food shops, bakeries …
  • Yellow | Restaurants and bars
  • Blue | Interesting sights and neighborhoods
  • Purple | Stores
  • Green | Parks, rivers, beaches …
  • Brown | Concert Hall
  • Black | Hotel

The routes are separated on the left side of the screen, see? I put more or less what we did on each of the travel days to make it easier!
For those who want to know more about this trip just look at the vlogs! In addition to the cool things we did there, we have some beautiful images, see? Haha?

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