Seattle’s Best Restaurants

Seattle's Best Restaurants

You are already tired of knowing how much I love trying new foods and visiting different restaurants whenever I travel. I especially love the restaurants that have the option of tasting menu, so that I can try a little of each dish in the place without having to order several portions separately.
I always make a selection with several restaurants and during the trip Paulo and I will choose which one we want to go to. In Seattle, for example, we spent little time, but we already had an idea of ​​what the kitchen is like there. This list has the places that I found most interesting in the city, so enjoy ?

Sitka and Spruce

Seattle's Best Restaurants

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This is one of the restaurants frequented by a younger and cool crowd, mainly because of his hipster style. Sitka and Spruce has a very beautiful atmosphere, in addition to delicious food. The kitchen is open and you see everything the employees are doing there!
Another very cool thing about this place is that most of the ingredients come from their own garden, that is, they are fresh and tasty. Ah, they offer several vegetarian options, most of them based on vegetables. I recommend that you try the parfait made with asparagus and fig, which is a very different dessert.

Farm house spinasse

Seattle's Best Restaurants

Photo: Love and Relish

Those who love Italian food cannot leave Seattle without having gone to Cascina Spinasse at least once. The pasta at this restaurant is very tasty and handmade. They also have an incredible wine list.
One of the things I like most about this place is that they have a tasting menu. That is, if you are in doubt about which dish to choose, you can order from the tasting menu and thus taste a little of each. One of the most requested dishes there is cavatelli with mushroom ragout.


Seattle's Best Restaurants

Photo: Capital Hill Seattle

Japanese food is delicious and there are some restaurants that can make it even more special – and Adana is one of them! The interesting thing about this place is that they offer a tasting menu option, but you can choose which dishes to include or not.
The chef’s focus is on vegetables, meat and seafood – options for all tastes. The restaurant is very modern and the atmosphere is very pleasant. If you want to have a complete experience, try the miso soup, a typical Japanese recipe.


Seattle's Best Restaurants

Photo: Seattle Refined

Like Cascina Spinasse, Agrodolce specializes in Italian cuisine. They also offer a tasting menu with some of the most popular dishes in the house, such as pasta with mushrooms. Most of the pasta is organic and even gluten free. Regarding the environment, the restaurant is small and very charming. A small tree adorns the central part of the restaurant and at night it is full of lights on. Cute, right?


Seattle's Best Restaurants

Photo: Herbivore

Canlis is a super classic restaurant that brings together great professionals both in the kitchen and in the service. There are two types of tasting menu at this location. One consists of 4 dishes of your choice and the other is the chef’s choice, in case you want to try something by surprise.
In addition to delicious food, the place gives you a wonderful view of Lake Union. This restaurant is one of the best known there, so it is good to make a reservation before your trip and guarantee a good lunch or dinner there, such as meat tartar seasoned with capers and mustard.

The walrus and the carpenter

Seattle's Best Restaurants

Photo: The Clever Root

Paulo and I have mixed opinions about this restaurant. For me they had a lot of super delicious things, but Paulo thought that the restaurant only has a lot of movement because it is “in fashion”. The Walrus and the Carpenter focuses on seafood, but you can also find some meat options and portions of vegetables. If you eat meat and want to taste oysters, this is the place to be!

Eden Hill

Seattle's Best Restaurants

Photo: Seattle Met

One of the coolest things about Eden Hill is that their menu changes weekly, meaning there is always something new. This is only possible thanks to the talent of the chef and owner of the place, Maximillian Petty. He is always looking for innovations and wants to surprise the customer with each visit.
The restaurant has two types of tasting menu. The first one has 7 dishes, while the second can have 12 to 15 dishes. Ah, the chef doesn’t mind making adaptations for those who are vegetarian, vegan or with other types of dietary restrictions. Among the non-vegetarian options, one of the delicious dishes there is the dry aged tartar.


Seattle's Best Restaurants

Photo: Phi Style

This restaurant is not in Seattle, but on an island very close to the city called Bainbridge. Still, I put him on the list because I found the food there delicious. The local menu changes daily and all products are local, including the wines on the menu!
Everything is super well prepared and seasoned; the menu is separated between seafood, hot and cold dishes, and cheeses. If you want fresh and tasty food, you can go there. I promise you won’t regret it.
For me these are some of the most delicious restaurants in town! I highly value when chefs seek to innovate and also offer options for those who are vegetarian or have dietary restrictions, so most restaurants on the list follow this profile. For you to know more about Seattle and see the restaurants we went to, just watch our vlogs that are on the channel.

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