Secret dinners in a party mood

Secret dinners in a party mood

Supper Club fashion has been catching on for some time, however the difficulty in finding them continues to live up to the primordial concept of these “non-restaurants”, say. The idea is simple: gather a few people at someone’s house and serve a dinner that will bring back the best memories for a long, long time. Guests arrive in the comfort of the “chef’s” home and are welcomed with drinks, conversation and great hospitality. The host (or hostess, or even hosts) may be a trained chef, that is, someone who has studied gastronomy. Or not. Some people just love to cook and, more than that, cook for others – after all, is there anything better than watching the expressions of satisfaction in someone who has just tasted something done for you?
Dining in a private place and in the company of people passionate about gastronomy makes you feel at a secret club. Even more when tickets are sold in advance and the menu is designed from every detail, from entry to dessert. Here in Brazil, unfortunately there are few cities that offer this exclusive service, but the Supper Clubs are spread all over the world and some have even won the very requested Michelan Guide stars, such as 42 Grams, in Chicago.
nutrition-stripped-supperclub-ickfdNutrition Stripped
In fact, if you have been following the ICKFD for a long time, you will remember Escondidinho, the smallest restaurant in São Paulo, according to Dani Noce. She organized a delicious dinner together with Jessica Giovanini, all very special for only 6 customers.
If you want to meet other chefs who love to host at home, the Eatwith website is the perfect place to choose who will host the night. They are very careful in choosing the people who are going to offer dinner (so much so that only 4% of the interviewees are screened by the site) and present a brief account of the chef, as well as the type of food he prepares and the average price for dinner.
These are the Brazilian Supper Clubs that I found at Eatwith. Maybe there are others hidden, but then you’ve seen it, right… Discretion is the key for those who want to keep the secret frisson; D
If you cook well, like to gather people at the table and want to live a new kind of experience, this may be an idea! Will there be no new place for reserved dinners from then on?
The Guardian has published a quick guide to what it takes to open your own Supper Club. Among the items on the list, it is worth mentioning these here (the translation is not literal, just a brief idea about the newspaper post):

  • Have a clear concept of what you are going to cook. With creativity, it is possible to prepare a menu that attracts guests to something tasty and unique. Think about your inspirations and references from restaurants, chefs, types of cuisine …
  • Invite different people! Ask friends to call other friends to see your space and food. The word of mouth brings results if the job is done well.
  • Decide the price based on food expenses and decor – think about whether you will need to rent tables, chairs, towels and dishes, for example. As for the drink, you can allow customers to bring their own bottle of wine or champagne; it can be an expense less in the amount.
  • Use fresh, seasonal food.
  • Decorate the house and enjoy the night!

domainehome-ickfd-dining-tableDomaine Home – cover photo: Apartment34
So, did you get excited? ; D

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