Secret fattening weight weight loss trick: stay away from these drinks before you go to bed
Secret fattening weight weight loss trick stay away from these

Secret fattening weight weight loss trick: stay away from these drinks before you go to bed

Healthy sleep is an excellent weight loss aid. On the other hand, the wrong drink before going to bed quickly acts like a fattening food. We’ll tell you what you should do without in the evening.

Drinks – secret calorie bombs

Losing weight while you sleep – it’s not that easy after all. A successful diet always includes a conscious diet and sufficient exercise. However, your body works at full speed even when you are not active: while you sleep.

The Pape diet also takes advantage of this: It promises: “Slim in your sleep”. We’ve tried it for you to see if it works.

It repairs damage, digests food, whips your brain into shape, and takes care of your metabolism. He consumes a lot of calories in the process. A restful night is therefore extremely important for weight loss success. The wrong drink in the evening can quickly put a spanner in the works. Particularly incompatible with a quiet night are:

1. Alcohol

A glass of wine in the evening or a cold beer can actually make you sleepy. Every drop of alcohol that goes beyond that has a stimulating effect. The restful night is quickly over. Of course, being completely intoxicated is particularly harmful.

Aside from the many calories found in almost every alcoholic drink, your body is busy detoxifying itself for the next few hours. The next day you are not only hungry for something really fatty, the night before you burned hardly any calories. This is not guaranteed to be a weight loss aid

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Flat stomach while sleeping
These drinks will help you lose weight while you sleep!

Boost fat burning while you are actually lying calmly in bed? This is exactly what should now be possible.

2. Caffeine

Nobody needs to tell you that caffeine wakes you up and keeps you from sleeping. Of course, it also prevents your body from falling into a restful deep sleep and being able to go about its work in peace. Too much coffee before going to bed can ruin a whole day’s training and dieting success.

The fattener is not only found in coffee, however. Black tea, cola, energy drinks, club mate and even dark chocolate also contain the stimulant.

3. Soft drinks

Quite apart from the fact that lemonades are real fattening foods and have nothing on your diet if you want to lose weight, they are above all full of empty calories. This means that they provide you with energy, but no nutrients. Your body will miss them sooner rather than later and it will report itself with a ravenous hunger attack. The result is a night that you spend halfway in front of the refrigerator, when it is actually time to rest.

Slim in your sleep
With the Pape diet, pounds drop overnight

With the “slim while sleeping” diet according to Dr. You take off Pape in a dream. You can lose a few pounds in your sleep with the Pape diet. You can find out how “slim in your sleep” works here.

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