Secrets to the perfect cheesecake

Secrets to the perfect cheesecake

Secrets to the perfect cheesecake
Preparing a good cheesecake is for the few. After all, getting the right creamy and aerated texture can be a challenge. But I will tell you that, like all recipes – reliable, please -, if followed step by step and with patience, yours can become a symbol of salvation and gastronomic delight. The tips are many, but easy. Let’s go by topics:

  • The crucial point is the beginning. Make sure that everyone, all ingredients are at room temperature (mainly cream cheese, which will be the protagonist of this story). When serving, the same thing. The best cheesecake is the one at room temperature, so wait a few 30 minutes out of the fridge so that all the flavors are settled.
  • For the texture of the dough and the filling to differ and cause that explosion of sensation that you know well when taking the first bite, it is important that you bake the dough first. Between 7 to 9 minutes is a good time for the crust to form and you have the slight crunchiness. But don’t forget to wait to cool down totally before putting the filling, huh?
  • Add the eggs last. Before adding each one, try to beat them separately until the yolk completely dissolves. This will help to incorporate faster and better with the rest of the ingredients. It’s just that if you beat it too much, the cheesecake will grow like a souffle in the oven and, when you take it out, it will sink and break.
  • Speaking of taking it out of the oven, the point of the cheesecake is when the edges are firm and, when shaking the shape slightly, the center dances like a gelatin.
  • Put it to cool in a place that is not too cold, because the thermal shock will not be beneficial for your pie. Only after cold, take it to the refrigerator to freeze
  • While the cheesecake is baking, DO NOT open the oven. Not even to take a peek and see if everything is ok. Trust life, everything will be fine (if you followed the steps, of course: P)
  • You can freeze it, too. Cheesecakes last up to 2 months in the freezer! To serve, just let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator and then wait for it to reach room temperature.

I hope the tips were helpful. Do you have any to share with us? Write down here!
A kiss and a great cheesecake for you.
Secrets to the perfect cheesecake
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