Self-love and mindfulness “I fought my body”: How you can finally love yourself

Self-love and mindfulness "I fought my body": How you can finally love yourself

How much are you at peace with yourself? How much do you love yourself You may be surprised by these two questions, and it is perfectly normal for these questions to trigger different answers in each of us. Our health expert Sabrina Wolf explains how you manage to love yourself and describes the problems she had with this concept.

Self-love has nothing to do with vanity or selfishness. When you learn to love yourself, you learn to accept yourself and develop personally. Self-love is a process and the more you get into self-love, the more relaxed and serene your life will become.

The benefits of self-love

If you accept yourself as you are, you not only become more relaxed, but your self-confidence also increases. You learn to appreciate yourself and are no longer in a fight against yourself or your body.

Self-love will make your relationships in life better. When you are at peace with yourself, you can also accept others for who they are. Only when you love yourself will you be able to feel true and deep love for someone else. Unnecessary arguments, which are based on a lack of self-confidence or a lack of self-acceptance, will be a thing of the past. You become happier and that affects every area of ​​life!

Seven strategies for more self-love

Self-love is a process and does not develop overnight. In addition, everyone who starts to deal with this topic starts at a different point in this process. We are all different and we all have different self-perceptions. While one may already be able to accept himself on some days, another may always struggle with negative thoughts that concern himself. There are several ways to encourage and ultimately learn to love yourself.

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Seven ways to love yourself more

Give yourself a smile in the mirror every morning. You may find this difficult in the beginning and you will feel strange doing it. But it gets easier with time. Maybe you write yourself a nice saying on a piece of paper and stick it to your mirror? This way you start the day in a good mood!

Make time for yourself every dayin which you are all to yourself. If this is difficult for you at the beginning, you can start with a few minutes – over time you can improve. During this time, only do things that you enjoy doing and that are good for you. You can’t think of anything? Then sit down for a moment and write down all the activities you enjoy doing.

Turn all your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. When you start watching your thoughts you may be shocked by how many of them are negative. Every time you become aware of a negative thought, try to turn it into a positive thought. Over time, your thoughts will change into more positive ones on their own and you will see that this will make you happier and more relaxed!

Learn to be loving with your bodyinstead of fighting with him. Train yourself in mindfulness and listen to your body. Most of the time our body knows exactly what it needs and it tells us that too – we just have to listen to it! What is he telling you Try to be aware of your body throughout the day. A few seconds are enough for this, e.g. B. the waiting time at a red light or the duration while a program opens on the PC. Over time you become so more mindful. Maybe you can incorporate a little meditation in the morning in which you walk through your body? In this body journey you will find out how you are. This trains your mindfulness and it is easier for you in everyday life to determine how you are doing and what your body is longing for.

Be proud of yourself, because you can be proud of good performance. Often we make ourselves small, but we don’t have to! You can feel good when you have achieved something great, without a guilty conscience. It is your achievement that you performed.

Practice gratitude. Every night, write down three or more things that you are grateful for that day. The three things should be different every evening. This can be difficult at first, but at some point you will become aware throughout the day. The more grateful you get for the things you have in your life, the happier and more relaxed you will be. This also has a long-term effect on self-love!

Become your best friend. Analyze exactly how you interact with your best friend. Try to accept yourself in exactly the same way, to love you in exactly the same way – and above all to forgive yourself for mistakes in the same way! Don’t make yourself small or be mean to yourself.

These seven tips contain many exercises that you can gradually incorporate into your everyday life. Start slowly and don’t try to do everything overnight. All of these are just options that you can incorporate. They help you to come to terms with yourself and in the long term lead to the fact that you can love yourself.

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Self-love as a process

Don’t ask too much of yourself: self-love is a never-ending process. There will always be better and worse phases in life because many events happen in your life. Some of these may have an impact on your love for you or your self-esteem. Don’t let setbacks get you down, they are part of the development process.

It is only important that in bad times you become aware that you have to find yourself more. At this point, you should incorporate some of the exercises mentioned above into your life. They will help you to get back to you!

For a long time I wasn’t particularly loving to myself, I fought my body and was very dissatisfied. It was a long way before I could accept myself for who I am. Mindfulness and self-acceptance exercises have helped me to accept myself for who I am. I can allow myself time for myself, be proud of myself and only want the best for myself, because I am worth it! I can now be alone with myself and know exactly what is good for me in which moments.

The more you get back to yourself, the more you practice acceptance and the more you come to love yourself, the more you will notice how good it is for you! You deserve it because you are unique in this world – start today!

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