Sensational study Why red wine and chocolate make you slim!

Sensational study Why red wine and chocolate make you slim!

We have waited far too long for this news: a scientist has now confirmed that red wine and chocolate of all things are good for a slim line.

Scientist, author and nutrition specialist: Professor Tim Spector of “King’s College” in London published the bestselling guide “The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat” and spoke to the website about his latest findings. And these could once again fundamentally change our eating behavior.

Why cheese, chocolate and red wine make you slim

Forget about your kale diet and stop counting calories right away, because that is certainly not the secret to being healthy and slim permanently. Prof. Spector believes that it is much more important to pay attention to a balanced intestinal flora and to support the good bacteria in our intestines with the right nutrition. And that includes primarily: cheese, chocolate, nuts, dairy products and also red wine. Yes, you heard correctly – the key to success is not to starve yourself, but to properly cultivate the intestinal flora. That means: the more diverse we eat, the greater the diversity of microbes in our intestines – and the healthier and leaner we are!

Probiotic foods better than any “super food”

There are between 400 and 500 types of bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract, which not only have an enormous effect on our immune system, but are also responsible for our overall well-being. Probiotic foods are therefore the best thing you can do for your gut and health: yogurt should therefore be consumed regularly. Nuts, olive oil and seeds are also very good for our digestion because they act like fertilizers for the good microbes. And now, watch out: red wine and dark chocolate are also very good for the intestines and can therefore be consumed without a guilty conscience.

“Everyone should treat their intestines like a wonderful English garden. The greater the variety of microbes and foods we eat, the more beautiful our garden looks and the healthier it is, ”said Prof. Spector of the website“ ”. “Eat prebiotics like yogurt and cheese, plus nuts, seeds, and healthy oils to strengthen the microbes – and your garden will thrive. Avoid processed foods because they contain too many chemicals. But definitely enjoy cheese, chocolate and red wine! “

Thank you for this great tip, Prof. Spector!

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