September Favorites: Make and Skincare

September Favorites: Make and Skincare

There are so many beauty products available on the market today that it is even difficult to choose our favorites! Maaas, as I’m always testing new products and seeing what works for my skin, I managed to arrive at a selection of three makeup and skincare items who made my month ❤️
Although they weigh in your pocket, it is well worth the investment, I swear! In addition to telling you what they are, I’ll also tell you a little bit about how they work. This way, you make a more conscious purchase and already have a positive review about the product.
September Favorites: Make and Skincare


Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Base – Shiseido

This Shiseido foundation has become my favorite for two reasons: it evens out the skin tone and gives that glow! The purpose of this product is not to be a base of high coverage, but to make the skin more lush and disguise some spots.
For those who like lighter makeup, this foundation is ideal. Leaves your face light, light and adapts very well to your skin tone. Best of all, she can handle it all day, even in the heat. The T zone has some flaws, but for me this oxidation is normal. Aah, and in case you want to know, the color I use is Neutral 3.


Multi-perfection concealer – Guerlain

Who there also suffers from dark circles? Mine are usually very dark and it is difficult to find a product that covers well. For now, my favorite concealer has been Guerlain’s Multi-Perfection.
In addition to having good coverage, I can build layers with it until it is my taste. In order not to get so cracked, I always pass the product with the help of the beauty blender type sponge. It’s a success for sure!


Isdin – Isdinceutics Flavo-C Melatonin

Finally, a skin care product! Who suggested this item to me was Julia Petit, who you should know throughout the history of skin care and Sallve. Isdin is nothing more than an ampoule with Vitamin C and melatonin – two essential components for our skincare routine.
I usually spend it at night, as it prepares the skin against oxidative stress produced during the day. As it is a more powerful product, I always try to use it every other day and divide a single capsule for three days! That is, it yields soooo much. The skin is super hydrated and really absorbs the product.
So, did you already know any of these products? I love them so much that I even have a stock at everyone’s house so I don’t run out? And if you want to see my video talking a little about each of these products, just go to my Instagram!

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