Sexism in practice

Sexism in Practice

Lately, sexists are in the most unexpected places and taking forms we can’t even imagine. Everywhere I see people shouting at the four winds how wonderful man X is and how woman X is a bitch.
If that bitch is competent at what she does, has power or fame, it’s worse. Then it is the worst of human scum.
It becomes clearer every day that when a man is considered great at what he does, powerful or intelligent, it is as if he never had a team or even a wife behind him. In no way, the merit is unique and exclusive to the guy. In fact, he is O Cara. For example, has anyone out there congratulated William Bonner’s team? But surely you must have already imagined that the life of Fátima Bernardes must be much easier with the retinue of babas she has or had to help with the triplets when they were born.
Is it so hard to accept that a woman can be excellent at what she does regardless of the people or the team around her?
These days comparing some instagrams of Global men and women, I realized that even when both have approximately the same amount of followers, the likes or comments are generally doubled in numbers when the instagram is of a male person. And I find myself reflecting, is it that all the other people who follow this Global x woman don’t like why? Are they such dazinimigas? People who are just there to see when the guy will fall and leave the post?
And at the same time, that simple thought already makes me angry with myself, because how come “azinimiga” is a feminine noun? Are there no ozinimigo? For at no time is there talk of them.
Well, they didn’t speak.
Today I had an “enemy” on my instagram. Interestingly a person very close to me. Boyfriend of a great friend of mine. Even a struggling and ultra competent friend in what she does. Incredible chef. Best ceviche I’ve ever eaten in my life is made by her. A woman who loves what she does and always gets where she wants.
For today, in the same photo you see above, he said and congratulated Paulo – my husband – because according to him for the photo being within what he believed to be the divine proportion of Fibonacci and well photographed, it would have been Paulo who had taken and posted on my instagram.
Well, you must imagine how insulting it is for a woman who takes care of her own life, created her own business and has been working since I was 17 like me.
The photo was mine. Yes, I looked, imagined, provided, photographed, treated and posted. Like all the others on my instagram except the ones I show up – after all, there would be no way, if it weren’t for a selfie – and the ones I give credit to the photographer with great affection.
Paulo – @paulocuenca – also has his instagram and a completely different look from mine for framing and photography.
So, when challenged for being a sexist, the creature of God did not apologize, just stated what he had already said, that the photo looked great.
The problem, my dear, is not the photo, it’s the degrading compliments. That compliment that seems to be doing you good, but for whoever was born a woman knows and from a very early age that there is a pin inside him and that yes, one must know how to read between the lines.
To conclude and respond to your sexist and theoretical comment about the divine proportion, I tell you: “In practice, the theory is different!”
PHOTO: Danielle Noce | @nocedanielle

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