Since the Black Friday tradition landed in Brazil, year after year, everyone is excited by this time researching the best deals on zillions of sites!
It is a mess of millions of tabs open on the computer, hours lost, sleep lost, anxiety a thousand, products sold out, and so on!
Well, this year the people at the website Coupons Mágicos presented me with a solution that cheered me up! They created a special website for Black Friday, click here for the website: it has a magic tool!
The trick is as follows: on the website you only need to register and create your wish list, stating which products you are looking to buy this Friday.
Then tomorrow they will send in your email the best offers for these products, saving you from having to keep checking the prices of these products in several stores out there, as they will already make a filter with the best price! ?
As I was already dying to buy a lot of things, I wasted no time and made my list! Here it goes:
KitchenAid mixer (but imagine this complete line !!! o /
Kenwood Toaster
KitchenAid Mixer
KitchenAid Blender
Playstation 4 (for Paulo!)
Good shopping!
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