Sexy legs Finally slim cuffs! So you can lose weight at the ankles

Sexy legs Finally slim cuffs!  So you can lose weight at the ankles

No more frustration from ineffective diets, but finally slim shackles! With these holistic tips, you can lose weight on your ankles.

When you lose weight, you are quickly happy about the first kilos lost. Unfortunately, there seems to be parts of the body where the fat just won’t go away. For some people, this includes shackles. Instead of tapering the leg towards the foot, the calf goes straight over into the foot. Current fashion is drawing attention to exposed slim ankles, but how can you achieve that goal?

Conduct root cause research

There are several causes of wide ankles. Therefore, you should first clarify why your ankles are wider than you would like before you take action against it with targeted training. Some diseases can be behind the unwanted sight. These include, for example, diabetes, heart disease or lymph or lipedema. See a doctor to rule out medical causes. Treating the disease will soon make bulky shackles a thing of the past.

Often there is also a genetic predisposition behind it. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done against a wide bone structure in the ankle. But in this case you can trick by optically lengthening your legs through a clever choice of clothes and thus directing your gaze to other areas.

Many women can sing a song about water retention in their legs – especially during pregnancy. You can find out whether the swelling is fat or water retention with a simple test: If a dent remains after the pressure is applied, it is water retention.

If fat deposits are the cause of wide ankles, there are a few things you can do to fight them off. Basic requirements are one healthy eating and regular exercise in everyday life. There are some for that too Tips to keep fitwithout leaving home. With an increased body weight, its reduction is the top priority. As a rule, the first pounds fall in the area of ​​the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The further you progress in your weight loss project, the better you can concentrate on individual areas.

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Leg workout
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The thighs are one of the most hated problem areas for many women. With these exercises you will successfully get them in shape.

Workout for the legs

Sports that use your legs stimulate the blood circulation in your body. This means that the tissue in the legs is better supplied with blood and the lymph and blood flow are increased. Jogging on soft surfaces or stretching the ankles and lower legs specifically train this region.

Muscle training of the calves, for example by climbing stairs or jumping rope, leads to defined lower legs without excessive muscle size. This will make your ankles look much slimmer and the swelling will soon be a thing of the past.

Nevertheless, you should not neglect holistic training of the body. Often this leads to success faster than exercises for individual areas.

Healthy eating

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Do you think you cannot live without chocolate and Co.? These tips will convince you otherwise! Like the body, taste buds can be trained to make healthy foods taste better.

The optimal calorie intake

Your doctor can tell you how many calories you should eat each day to lose weight based on your height and weight. Eat what is good for you and your body by taking your Individualize your diet. Understand your body as a whole, because only if you eat healthily can you provide it with all the nutrients it needs to lose weight while it is shackled. Also drink a lot, preferably water. It provides you with enough fluids, satisfies your appetite and contains no calories. It also prevents – as paradoxical as it may sound – water retention. If you eat a lot of salty food, try reducing your salt intake. Too much salt in the food causes the tissue to look bloated, because it causes the cell water to accumulate in the intercellular spaces and thereby cause swelling.

Put your legs up

Especially in summer, swollen ankles can feel uncomfortable or even painful. You can counteract this by putting your legs up as often as possible to take the pressure off the tissue. Gentle massages help to stimulate the circulation in the vessels that have been dilated by the warmth. In exceptional cases, your doctor will prescribe compression stockings that have a similar effect if medically indicated.


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Optical tricks

Not all causes of wide ankles can be fixed. Even so, you don’t have to do without wearing skirts or dresses. Through the appropriate selection of clothing and shoes you can put yourself and your body in the limelight. For example, be careful not to wear heels and avoid straps that are tied around the ankle. These increase the restricted blood circulation. Instead, opt for ballerinas or mules with flat heels that are pointed at the front. This visually elongates your foot.


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When choosing clothes, choose the right length and choose, for example, floor-length models that draw attention to the bust or shoulders. Knee-length dresses and skirts can also be eye-catchers. Instead of focusing on your problem areas, you should always emphasize what you particularly like about your body, because the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is self-confidence.

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